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Private tour Madrid El Escorial

Private tour Madrid to El Escorial Car with driver on day round trip

We propose you a visit with a private car with driver who will take you to the Escorial at the indicated time. On the indicated day, will wait for you while you have lunch, dinner or visit the monastery, and then pick you up and bring you back to Madrid or take you to visit the Valley of the Fallen.

Now with the good weather, we recommend you to book a lunch in one of the terraces of the most emblematic restaurants of El Escorial. Where you can enjoy a fresh gazpacho. Although in the months of June, July or August, perhaps booking an evening outdoors for dinner can be a very good option.

The restaurant chosen by us is Charoles, practically next to the monastery, just a few metres away. It is a traditional restaurant that, luckily for us, is still going strong after the passing of the years.

In addition, you will be able to taste their wine list, we will drive you back home without having to worry about driving.

And of course, after or before, reserve time to stroll through the gardens of the monastery or get to know it from the inside, with a visit to the tombs of the kings or its dormitories and rooms.

An easy excursion to do from Madrid, as it is about an hour’s drive away, it is one of the most booked excursions by our clients. A green landscape and always with a slightly lower temperature than Madrid, it is totally appealing.

Private tour Madrid to El Escorial and on the way back you can go shopping

And if you like shopping, on the way back or on the idea, we can stop at Las Rozas Village and let you go into your favourite shops in this beautiful village. Our favourites range from Ralph Lauren clothing and polo shirts, to Bulgari jewellery and handbags, Carolina Herrera’s sublime dresses or just about any Gucci bag. And finally, don’t forget to have a drink on Cristina Oria’s terrace.

Ask us for a price for our driver with car to take you to spend the day at El Escorial, from 290 euros, depending on the number of hours you request.

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